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Medication Management

Learn how we prescribe and monitor psychiatric medications.

An accurate diagnosis is essential to the treatment and management of any mental health condition. 

At your initial visit you will have a thorough assessment to identify symptoms and patterns of illness that will lead us to the correct diagnosis. Once we have an accurate diagnosis, we can talk about the best ways to manage your condition using evidence-based treatments.  

Why rely on medication to treat your symptoms? 


You may say to yourself that you wouldn’t be stressed, anxious, or depressed if your situation in life were different. Maybe something has happened to you that has caused changes in your mood, irritability, or difficulty functioning as you did before. Maybe the people around you have become concerned. 


No medication can change your reality. 


But with safe and effective treatment, it’s reasonable to expect enough relief from your symptoms that you can begin to feel better and function better, so depression, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed don't keep you from moving forward with your life. 


Contact our office at (203) 304-1981 to learn more about medication management.

Filling Prescription
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