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About Us

Hi, I’m John Lujanac, it's great to meet you!


I’m a 1997 graduate of the Pace University Master of Science in Nursing program and I’ve been a full-time practicing NP for more than 20 years in a variety of settings, including family practice, inpatient psychiatric care, public health, long term care, and hospice.


I wasn’t always a Nurse Practitioner.


As a young man, I was a scout in the Army air cavalry. I’ve traveled to many places in this world, and I learned to live and work with diverse people from all walks of life. I learned to respect the inherent dignity in all people. And I learned that there is a desire in all people to be kind, and generous, and to be at peace in their lives. 


I have an evidence-based practice philosophy. 


That means I stay abreast of new information and changes in treatment guidelines that are based on valid scientific research, which I will apply when treating your condition. I will explain to you the reasons for choosing medications and their risks and benefits. 


I have a collaborative relationship with your therapist.


I will work with your therapist to better understand you and to better understand how your symptoms are affecting your life.


Safety is always the first priority. 


My background in internal medicine makes me uniquely suited to manage the medications used to treat your mental health symptoms. I am familiar with acute and chronic medical conditions, and how the medications used to treat those conditions may interact with those used to treat your mental health issues. 

Contact us today at (203) 304-1981. We'll help you restore the balance in your life, so you are better able to cope with life's many challenges.

John Lujanac
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